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So you are getting married!

Congratulations and best wishes!


Keep breathing.


You have joined the ranks of those hopeful and excited people that are planning a wedding. You might have noticed already that weddings form the basis of a huge industry that marries tradition, spirituality, values, fashion, superstition, taste and commercialism. All in one often confusing package.


Your world is now full of people who are very pleased to tell you exactly what to do – and what not to do - on your wedding day. Some of this advice comes with a price, of course. Whether this is your first marriage or your fourth, getting ready for the wedding is a labyrinth of possibilities and pitfalls.


I love weddings. I have conducted over 500 of them so far in my career, and I look forward to conducting more. There have been weddings on mountaintops and on beaches, in living rooms and in cathedrals: what they all have in common is that the couple planned the ceremony. Every word.


 What often gets left out in the sprint toward the wedding day is the two of you....your ideals, your hopes, your unique relationship, your excitement for the future you will build together. By choosing the words of your ceremony, the two of you have the opportunity to spend time together considering the meaning of the day, and the depth of your relationship.


 This resource has been pulled together over the years from many sources and has evolved over time. The categories in the left-hand column (Opening Prayers, Wedding Scripture, Wedding Vows, etc.) are in the order of a usual wedding ceremony.  Choose one element from each category, and you will have a wedding!   Feel free to mix and match lines, copy and paste, or use the written words as guide and inspiration to create your own wedding ceremony. Just be sure to consult with your officiant to ensure that your ceremony includes all requirements for a marriage ceremony in your area. 


I always welcome new inspiration to add to the mix, so please feel free to share your own wedding ceremony stories and ideas. The wedding vow you write may become tomorrow's classic!


 As a couple you may be traditionally religious, or more secular. You may be a same-sex couple or one of each gender. You may have lived together for years, or are starting out fresh together. All of you will find something here that will assist you in planning a ceremony that is uniquely YOU.


 Have a blessed journey, and enjoy every step of the way!






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