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Flower Ceremony

The first thing you and your new spouse do
after being pronounced married
is to, of course, kiss.
What is the next thing you do as a married couple?
Here is an idea:

The love you have for each other is celebrated on your wedding day.
Those who are closest to you gather together to give their encouragement
and their blessing. Why not take a moment during the ceremony
to let them know how important they are to you?
A flower ceremony is a simple and beautiful way to do that.

Plan to have a few flowers set aside on the altar,
or near the officiant.
Long stemmed roses are perfect.
After you are pronounced married,
and have had your kiss,
the next thing that usually happens is the signing of the legal documents.

On the way to the table to sign the register,
take the flowers and give one to each of your parents.
Perhaps the groom can give a rose to the bride's mother,
and the bride can honor the groom's mum with a rose.
Or together you can go to each parent,
greet them, and give them a rose.
If your parents are not present,
perhaps there is someone else you want to honor
and acknowledge in this way.

If you have children old enough,
you could give a rose to each of them at this time.
Take your time to truly greet each person.

My couples have generally decided to keep this a secret,
so the parents are surprised. It is always a great moment,
and adds some laughter and reality to even the most formal weddings.

If you are not signing the register during the ceremony,
an alternative time to do this is just after the blessing of the parents,
or just before the Benediction.


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