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Question Of Intention

What do you intend you marriage to be?

The Question of Intention
asks the couple about their own unique purposes
and goals for their relationship.

Sit down and brainstorm together
words that reflect your core values and hopes -
and include those ideas in your question.


{Name 2}, you have chosen {Name 1}
to be your wife/husband/spouse/partner,
to live together following God's law, in the holy estate of marriage.
Will you love her/him, comfort her/him, honour and keep her/him
through all the circumstances of life, and, forsaking all others,
keep only to her/him as long as you both shall live? "I will".


The decision to marry,
made in the context of human uncertainty,
requires tremendous faith;
faith in yourselves as individuals and in the strength of your relationship;
faith that you will be able in your marriage, with God's help,
to deal with whatever the future holds.

{Name 2}, are you willing to step forth in faith and affirm
that you will accept {Name 1} and {Name 1} alone,
in sickness and in health, poverty and good fortune,
difference and agreement,
in times of comfort and times of struggle,
as long as you both shall live? "I am willing."


{Name 2} and {Name 1},
you have freely chosen to join yourselves together in marriage.
Will you help your love to grow;
will you receive into your own understanding the other's
feelings, thoughts, and intentions;
will you be partners with God, the source of all creativeness,
to see that your lives reveal a quest for truth, and goodness,
through faith, hope, and love?
Will you be faithful to each other throughout your lives? "I will."


{Name 2}, you have chosen {Name 1}
to be your wife/husband/wedded partner.
Will you love, respect and honour her/him,
sharing your dreams and beliefs, ideals and emotions,
through crisis and hardship, through joy and happiness,
caring for her/him in life-long commitment? "I will."


{Name 1} do you take {Name 2},
to be your beloved wife/husband/partner/spouse,
and do you commit yourself to be responsible in marriage,
giving of yourself to him/her in love,
cherishing, him/her, respecting him/her, encouraging him/her,
and together becoming all you hope to be?

{Name 1} and {Name 2},
do you promise to love and support each other at all times,
to share both joys and sorrows,
to give support when it is needed
and encouragement when spirits are low;
to be each other's best friend as well as understanding lover,
who will encourage each other to grow as persons,
ever deepening your understanding of each other in faithful love?
"I will."


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