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Celtic Cup Ceremony

As the guests arrive,
they are each given a small pebble to hold
during the Celtic Loving Cup Wedding Ceremony.
This ceremony is a ritual using elements of a 
pre-modern Irish wedding,
with elements from a variety of traditions.


We will now perform the ancient

Celtic Loving Cup Ceremony,

a ritual with elements of a traditional Irish wedding.

On this wedding day we celebrate the Celtic spirit of anam cara. Anam cara is translated from the Gaelic as "soul friend". By entering in a partnership with your anam cara,

you are joined in an ancient and eternal way.

To the ancients, the four elements to be

respected and celebrated were

earth, water, wind and fire.


(The bride and groom are invited to light a candle)

Your lives have burned as individual flames.

Let them now burn together as one.

"From every human being, there rises a light

that reaches straight to heaven.

And when two souls that are destined

to be together find each other,

their streams of light flow together, and a single

brighter light goes forth from their united being."


Before there was life, there was water. Water IS life. It sustains us, nourishes us, cleanses us, refreshes us...we are made of it. And so, drink. Drink to your love you've shared in the past, celebrate in your present, and look to in your future.

The couple take turns to drink from the loving cup, filled

with water poured from a pitcher filled with water.


The wind is the soul, the spirit, the very breath of life.
Until you die few things will ever be more intimate
than that subtle infusion of air and the touch of lips when you kiss.
You have the memory of many kisses between you –
and there will be many more!


We must not forget the rock from which we are hewn,
the very earth on which we live.
However fickle and variable the ways of humankind,
there lies within us all something solid, unshakeable, unmovable – like a rock.
Take in your hand the pebble you were given,
find within yourself that piece of sure foundation
that you would share with name and name,
and for a moment close your eyes.
Focus on that inner strength as though you could bundle it up in a stone.
Visualize the future you wish for this couple and engrave it in stone.

A moment of silence.

This is your gift to this couple.

It is the Celtic Pebble Tradition.

Please come forward, quietly.
Bring these pebbles, made special by your love, and place them here in this bowl.

(Music plays while the guests each come

forward with their pebbles.)

Name and Name, please cover these rocks with water of life...
(The Bride and Groom pour water over the pebbles.)

The number of pebbles in this dish
is the exact number of people here today to bless you on your way.
They will be an unending testimony to the fact that they were here,
that they esteem you as husband and wife,
and they wish the best for you that the earth can give.


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