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This is the "Dearly beloved, we have gathered here" part.


Dear Friends: We are gathered here in God's presence
to witness the marriage of {Name 2} and {Name 1}
( and to ask God to bless them in their wedded life together). 
By our presence here we all accept responsibility for helping
{Name 2} and {Name 1},
and for encouraging them in their days ahead, as they grow together in love.
We are called to rejoice with them in their happiness,
to help them when they have trouble,
and to remember them in our prayers. Let us pray:


For thousands of years, people have gathered under a grove of trees or an expanse of sky,
beside an altar of marble or beneath a cloth of blessing
to bear witness to such a beautifully simple act of intention and promise. 

For thousands of years, people have looked on as those they love make known their choice,
this choosing of love and life and future.

For thousands of years, people have risked the catch in their throats,
the quickening heart, the dampening eyes –
to sense the pivot of a moment where all that has come before yields to the possibilities ahead.
Welcome to the wedding of ________ and __________!


We, as a community of friends,
are gathered here to celebrate and witness the union of
{Name 2} and {Name 1} in marriage.
We share their joy and pledge our support to them
as they live the coming days as husband and wife/life partners,
asking God to bless them in their life together. Let us pray:


Dear friends and relatives of {Name 2} and {Name 1};
throughout history people have felt the need to
celebrate the great moments of life.
At those times we call upon our friends
to help commemorate the great moment.
We feel that we cannot do justice to those moments alone.
But even more we have felt the need to bring
these mountaintop experiences before God.
Thus, in this sacred place, before you and in the presence of God,
{Name 2} and {Name 1} come to give their vows of love and loyalty.
For them, and with them, let us approach God in prayer.


This is a day for new beginnings.
We have gathered here to witness, celebrate and
demonstrate our support for {Name 2} and {Name 1}
as they begin their married life together.
{Name 2} and {Name 1}'s relationship is not new,
and their love for one another is not new;
but today they have chosen to affirm their love
in the commitment and promises of marriage.
And that is new!


Dear families, relatives and friends!
We are here to witness the beginning of a marriage.
{Name 2} and {Name 1} are grateful for your presence here today
because each of you, in your own way,
has contributed something precious to their lives.
They invite you, during the course of this worship,
to recommit yourselves to love.


{Name 2} and {Name 1} welcome you,
their families and friends.
Each of you has given something of yourself into their life.
They want you to know that your love,
guidance and encouragement will forever be appreciated.
It is fitting, then, that you should share today
in this celebration of their commitment to each other to live their lives
as one.



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